auto-bioMy father left Crete at the end of the decade of ‘50s to follow a vagrant feather driver.
At the decade of 60’s he arrived at Evvoia, where he decided to settle and make his own family.

1968 was a very interesting year indeed! King Mswati III of Zwaziland was born while Beatles were already at the beginning of the end. That great year, among all these facts, I was born!

In 1969, my mother got confused. Instead of giving me a scoop of cough syrup, she gave me pure alcohol! Thus, I developed strong antibodies.

I grew up listening to the songs of Savvopoulos, Kaldaras, Xilouris , Kazantzidis and Markopoulos, some of the greatest Greek composers and singers of all time.

We bought our first black and white television in 1973. This historical advancement arrived finally at our home!
In the 70’s, a high school student at that time, I used to paint, as all children did, however, with more passion I think.

Life treated me hard at that time. Parents, teachers,  all strict with me to become a decent person. I can’t ignore the happy moments though; girls I wanted to get married with, disco nights, etc.

We are in the 80’s. A new era has risen! Greece finally becomes member of EOC and I still keep painting with undiminished passion.

(Strict, overprotective parents do not try to control your children….believe me, it is almost impossible! I don’t even know how I managed to survive all kind of domestic experiments…. it is an unsolved mystery indeed! Thankfully, my parents never realized any of my experiments outside that unfortunate day I almost burnt the house.)

In the 90’s, I started my studies at the Physics Department of the University of Patrai. Very soon I realized that this wasn’t what I wanted to do in life….I would follow my own path….I got my first painting courses and participated in two exhibitions organized by the University of Patrai in ’92 and ’93.

As soon as I got my degree, I moved to Crete, where I originate from. I settled in Rethimnon to study Philosophy at a postgraduate level, however, I decided not to complete my studies.

I got a job at a traditional tavern and very soon I felt that it was finally the appropriate time to start working on what I loved most in life till that moment, and that was the painting.

My first instructor was the sculptor – and close friend as well – Manolis Skevakis, a real expert in stone, marble and metal artworks. Later on, Georgios Klonos, a painter – decorator from Heraklion (Crete), became my mentor. After having  completed my service in the Greek army, Spyros Kalaitzantonakis and his personal assistant, Babis Markakis, introduced me to the byzantine iconography and painting. I also got strong influences from the painter – byzantine iconographer George Kordis, although I did not become an iconographer.

My experience, my knowledge and my painting brushes are my weapons. I love drinking “raki” and discuss my deeper and more intimate thoughts with close friends like Vincent, Domenico, Michelangelo, Amanteo etc. Sometimes they kindly ask to stop the conversation. When I ask them

why I should do this,

they reply:

“Because you are still alive!”

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